Good Friday leaning into the Easter Vigil

Jesus, whom we encounter in the Good Friday proclamation of the Passion according to John, is the victorious Christ who reveals the glory of God in his dying. What a mystery! St. Paul announces the foundation for approaching the cross – for we can only uncover the unfolding reality of our complicity in Jesus’ death […]

Holy Week – Leaning into Triduum…

[My photo of the installation of cross at St. John’s Church at Creighton University, 7/317] Following Sunday’s gospel, the reading of the Passion of Mark, here’s what I proposed to myself and the congregation at Gesu. Hurt people hurt people.         2. Hurt people hurt people.         3. Hurt […]

Holy Week – Dead Man Preaching: “I’m not there yet…”

Fr. Richard J. Hauser, SJ has served joyfully, effectively, doggedly, and gratefully as a professor of theology, cultivator of Jesuit vocations, and teacher of Ignatian spirituality to faculty at Creighton University for fifty years. As of this past January, he has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. No treatment. Nada. He’s been given as much as […]

A Good Word from Ron Hansen in America magazine…

I’m so grateful to Ron for reviewing my book, “I Want to See” for America. It means that much more since I’m such a big fan of his writing. Do check out Ron’s excellent works. You can’t go wrong with any of his books!

5th Sunday Lent – Seeing, Seeing, and Listening… [audio 1]

The Greeks asked to see Jesus… and everything changed! “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified…” In John’s gospel, seeing is not always believing. The author uses two words in Greek, eidon and horao. Eidon signifies “noticing, observing, seeing.” No belief involved. So, the Greeks seemed to want Jesus’ autograph and would have been satisfied […]

5th Sunday Lent – “If I be lifted up…” Remember Moses…

Here’s a thought: Here’s what it might look like to pray with the passage from Numbers concerning Moses lifting up the serpent… [Numbers 21:4-9] But with their patience worn out by the journey…        Am I worn out by my journey? No patience left? How does weariness affect me? the people complained against God […]

5th Sunday Lent – “Now is the Son of Man Glorified…???”

A lot more Johannine irony in this phrase. I myself have moved through a number of different understandings of Jesus’ glorification. I recall attending the Chicago performance of the oratorio “Book of Glory” by John Foley, SJ. A grand piece of music! John walked us all through the latter part of the gospel of John […]

5th Sunday Lent – What an amazing context!!!

California Jesus enters the city. As “they” say on Facebook: “You won’t believe what happens next!” Watch this. Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem – John 12:12-19  The next day a great crowd who had come to the feast heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem. 13 So they took branches of palm trees and went out […]

Reprise of the 3rd Sunday Homily – Cleansing Temple & Selling Out… [audio]

Yep. It’s not just musicians who sell out. Actors, actresses, politicians, we clergy, you name it… One temptation we all face is to align ourselves with someone/something that will seemingly make life easier, make us look better, get others to cheer. Yep. Happens all the time. So, what does it mean that Jesus drove out […]

Looking Ahead to the 5th Sunday – for a change…

 Four Mini-Retreats for the Fifth Sunday of Lent The Fifth Sunday of Lent invites us to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and give thanks and praise to God who opens a path for us to new life. Four passages from the day call us to reflect on the mystery of God’s […]

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