19th Sunday Ordinary Time – How did Jesus respond to the disciples’ situation?

So, today, here’s the whole story – Our situation as described implicitly and explicitly by Matthew PLUS Jesus’ response to our situation. Today’s a “share the audio day.”  So, let me know how it all works.  Blessings! –roc,sj  

19th Sunday Ordinary Time – Situated again with the Disciples & Peter

A couple final quotations to complete the picture of discipleship then and today. In the fourth watch of the night Jesus came toward them walking on the water.  Matthew makes a subtle but key connection with another part of his gospel by telling us it was night, nux.  Later, at the last supper, he speaks first […]

19th Sunday Ordinary Time – Situated with the Disciples & Peter

Peter not only steps out of the boat, but into the limelight for the first time, really.  He distinguishes himself as “the bold one,” the one to take the bull by the horns.  And more as we shall see. How does Matthew situate Peter in this story?  How does Matthew locate us with him?  Several […]

19th Sunday Ordinary Time – Walk on the Water

The story of Jesus walking on the water leads through the churning seas to get to two hopeful places. Thalassa, “sea,” and peran, “on the other side” point us toward the light of Christ shining on all who dwell under the shadow of death.  Which is what many of us worry about these days – […]

The Face… For the Feast of the Transfiguration (Oops)

I guess I talked more about “The Case” for the second homily that I neglected “The Face.”  So, here’s a Sunday share about Jesus’ face.  Jesus manifested the kindly divine intent to welcome, heal, guide, and teach his obstreperous disciples. Matthew 17:2            And he was transfigured before them, and his face […]

The Case & The Face – Transfiguration 4

Jesus’ face shone like the sun and his garments became dazzlingly white.  Each word in Greek contributes to the overall meaning of the Transfiguration.  Here is the second and different audio homily.  I hope to post word studies tomorrow.  

The Place & the Case – Audio Homily for Transfiguration

  [Three booths at the base of Denali, 2013 – Roc O’Connor, SJ photographer] This first homily summarizes broadly what you saw here Monday & Wednesday – the place and the case.  How cool is that! Tomorrow I will post homily #2 which deals with The Face and The Case. Blessings today! –roc,sj  

The Place, The Face, & The Case – Transfiguration…

Jesus took the three disciples (what happened to Andrew?) up the mountain…   The key is that Jesus claims all of it as his own ‘turf’ – the good and the bad.  He makes it all his own! The Hebrew Bible characterizes “mountain” thus: It’s the place where Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice… Genesis 22:2f   […]

The Transfiguration – The Case, The Place, & The Face I

I never thought I’d come up with a catchy title for a homily, but there it is.  The Case has to do with Peter, James, John, you, and me.  The Place is the mountain.  The Face… well, you get that. The Case:  Peter, James, & John are a case.  Yep.  Why did Jesus take them […]

Parables of the Kingdom – Finding Treasure in a Field…

People didn’t have banks in Jesus’ day, so they hid money wherever they believed it would be safe.  Somehow our intrepid “finder” found a treasure in a field and, as we know, sold all he had for joy and bought the whole field. Here is the audio homily plus a couple observations… What kind of […]

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