New tagline / subtitle for blog???

Friends, I’m making a second run at learning more about the world of blogging. Today’s assignment asks us/me to review the title and tagline of my blog. I like the title, “Deep Calls to Deep.” Initially, I wasn’t all that interested in changing my tagline, which is, “to be present… even in the midst of our storms.”

Upon reflection and considering what I wrote yesterday about why I wish to blog, I came up with a couple possibilities:

1. “Conversations among seasoned wayfarers”

2. “Fathoming our depths. Sharing the treasures”

3. “To be is to be seen.”


4. “Living with less pretense”

Your feedback is welcome! Thanks! –roc,sj


  1. I like either 1 or 4


  2. Rosie Delacruz says:

    I like Number 2: Fathoming our depths. Sharing the treasures. It goes well with the title.


  3. Roc…I think Deep Calls to Deep is so powerful on its own…and says so well what the blog is about…invites the reader in. Would hate to “Rahnerize” it with too many words…just a thought…


  4. roy says:

    I like what you are already using, Roc


  5. Thomas Mahoney says:

    Hi Father Roc,

    Well, if you’re going to change it, the #2 I find most appealing, and next, the first one.


    Theresa and Tom from St Mads.


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