33rd Sunday Ordinary Time – It’s not about Our talents – Really…

This parable of the talents doesn’t have anything to do with using our gifts, making money, getting ahead, being better, or whatever.  It’s not about sharing our time, treasure, and talent with the church. Talanton, refers to a huge amount of silver.  One scholar suggested that one talent equaled 15 years of wages.  So, 5 […]

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time – Wise & Foolish / Audio

This parable from last week’s gospel connects with the parable of the talents this week.  See what you hear.  

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time – Bridegroom Delayed – Nap Time!

There seem to be several view about sleeping in the scriptures.  Certainly, St. Joseph had dreams during which he learned the will of God.  Jesus slept in the boat during the storm.  “God gives to the beloved in sleep” was a familiar adage in my younger Jesuit days. What aspects might the verb, katheudo, “to […]

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time – Advent for Life – Waiting…

Who likes to wait?  I don’t.  With a good book, I “can’t wait” for the denouement.  A good movie?  Same thing, even though I usually don’t want it to end.  (The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great example.)  I want to know the outcome.  I don’t like uncertainty. The passage about the wise […]

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time – Which World? Which Ending?

Do we live now in apocalyptic times?  When either fears of asteroids, North Korea, Yellowstone, or drastic weather reprisals occupy the minds of many.  It all causes me a treat deal of anxiety.  You? So, Matthew continues his “end of world” discourse here in chapter 25:  “Keep awake, therefore, for you know neither the day […]

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time – When the Bridegroom delays…

One of the key words in Sunday’s gospel is “to delay,” as in, “As the bridegroom was delayed, all of them became drowsy and slept.” (Matthew 25:5)  That pretty much describes our situation today, doesn’t it?  Christ delays… The Greek word, chronizo, connects this passage to several, shall we say, interesting passages in the Greek Old Testament: Exodus […]

31st Sunday Ordinary Time – Audio Version…

Here is the audio of the homily that makes sense of all the references.  The mystery of being humbled took on new meaning for me, anyway.  

31st Sunday Ordinary Time – Humbled & Exalted #2

Exalted:   “To exalt, be exalted” comes from hypsao,  Let’s take a look at how it has to do with pride & arrogance:  It seems that contentment, the feeling of power that comes from self-inflation, haughtiness, and self-worship / idolatry all fuel self-exaltation. Hosea 13:6            When I fed them, they were satisfied; they […]

31st Sunday Ordinary Time – Exalted & Humbled #1

St. Francis embraced… the inner hypocrite.  Seem good?  So, how are hypocrites humbled?  Well, by insight into our lives.  What did the Pharisees resist?  Looking within the cup whose outside they just washed.  What happens when we look inside the cup? Matthew understands their hypocrisy based upon self-idolatry, inner blindness/ avoidance, and putting up a good front. […]

31st Sunday Ordinary Time – “Breaking News: St. Francis embraces Leper!” Film at 10

This image from the legend of St. Francis of Assisi may prove to be the key to contemporary adult spirituality.  Seems to me, anyway.  It certainly will be the key to meditating on Jesus’ polemic against hypocrites. (Hypocrisy = our inner leper, BTW) Here’s a new version of that legend I found today: Francis encounters […]


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