024 – ThE BurDeN of PerfectionIsM ThE FifTh – The Terror of Human Vulnerability

THe BurdEn of Perfectionism ThE FifTh: The Terror of Human Vulnerability   I’m not a perfectionist (probably an Idealist… slightly different) but I connect with perfectionists at the sheer terror of being vulnerable before God and others. Rather, I’ve learned to put other things – accomplishments, etc. – between me and God to distract God, others and […]

Roc Homily – Thirtieth Sunday Ordinary Time

“The Two Ways – Part 2” – The 9:00 am community at Gesu celebrated the baptism of a 7 week old boy, Jack. I held the little guy during the homily and spoke to him, having invited the congregation to listen in. Here’s a summary: The Wisdom Tradition grounds the basic gospel message of Jesus as a call […]

Some New Lyrics for the Year of Mercy

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee commissioned two composers to author a hymn and a song for the celebration of the Year of Mercy that begins December 8th.  I was blest to have been called to compose a song… and surprised as well. Before reading further, would you reflect upon your definition of mercy, please? Thanks. OK then: Two scripture passages initially […]

023-THe BurdEn of Perfectionism IV – Ever a Mess; Ever on Trial

THe BurdEn of PErfEctionisM IV Many who bear the Burden of Perfectionism live with the constant the sense of always being on trial, right there before the judge and jury. The terror of judgment has to do with not being unassailably perfect! Hence, the person makes preemptive strikes against the self to fend of divine wrath: “I’m […]

Roc Homily – Twenty-Ninth Sunday Ordinary Time = Oops

“The Two Ways”  –  The Wisdom Tradition grounds the basic gospel message of Jesus as a call from foolishness to wisdom.  We see it here in Mark’s use of the Greek word, thelo, “to wish, want, desire.”  John & James want to be recognized as great as do the scribes & Pharisees, and not seen as vulnerable.  Jesus […]

JPS – “The Last Sermon” 8-29-15

Fr. John Schlegel, SJ, pastor of the Church of the Gesu from 2014-2015, delivered his last sermon on the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, August 29, 2015. Actually, he delivered several “last sermons” before officially resigning as pastor in early September. Many of us who were there at the Mass found this to be one […]

The Return of the Native, of sorts…

  Greetings! It’s been two months since I’ve posted. Yep. Tons of stuff has happened – I served as ‘temporary administrator’ of Gesu parish for about 6 weeks when our (former) pastor, John P. Schlegel, SJ officially resigned. I’ve been at 3 weddings, a couple funerals, was part of a St. Louis Jesuit concert (Milwaukee, […]


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