Roc Homily – Feast of Christ the King… (B) 2015

Though we live in a democratic society, I would suggest that the worlds of empire and royalty are actually near and dear to our hearts… I don’t know about you, but for all practical purposes, I want to rule the world… my own tiny little world, oh and yours, too. Can I get an Amen!!! Today’s gospel is […]

A02-Studying “In the Midst of Our Storms” – Chapter

Welcome to a series of video presentations about my book, “In the Midst of Our Storms: Opening Ourselves to Christ in the Liturgy.”  Chapter One is by far the most dense of all the chapters in my book. I offer a picture of the length and breadth and depth of the  paschal mystery in “The Contours […]

Roc Homily – Thirty-Third Sunday Ordinary Time (B)

“We need to remember the people of Paris who died in the terrorist attack… We need to remember and pray for our enemies…”  – Fear, feelings of being powerless, and anger at these attacks in Paris surfaced in me.  You? The Word today encourages us to trust…   Psalm 32:7 (NRSV) — 7 You are a hiding place for me; […]

025 – The Burden of Perfectionism VI: Praying toward Equanimity

THe BurdEn of Perfectionism VI: Praying toward Equanimity What I have been given, I share with you – a four part prayer in time of temptation, any temptation.  Perfectionists can put this prayer to work to step out of the spiraling of self-loathing or loathing others who have the unmitigated gall to think or act differently from the […]

A01-New Series: Studying “In the Midst of Our Storms” – The Introduction

Welcome to a series of video presentations about my book, “In the Midst of Our Storms: Opening Ourselves to Christ in the Liturgy.”  The Introduction lays out my vision of what I want to share about liturgical participation.  “Liturgy is theology in the form of prayer.” Not only does liturgy make credal statements, it also establishes a […]

Roc Homily – 32nd Sunday Ordinary Time 2015

“…you have come to the aid of your people with your divinity and even fashioned a remedy out of our mortality that the cause of our downfall might become the means of our salvation through Christ the Lord.”  –  A strong undercurrent that runs through the Gospel of Mark has to do with “the Two Ways” – the way […]

Roc Homily – All Saints Day 2015

“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit”  –  It seems to me that this year our feast day is about Saint-Making. How? By receiving Jesus instruction (Sermon on the Mount) as disciples – those willing to learn today – who have been part of the crowd of the lame, blind, and deaf. Today’s theme, as it were comes […]

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