Holy Thursday

First, John connects the Foot Washing scene (ch. 13) with Jesus’ death on the cross through the noun, telos – Knowing his hour had come… “He loved them to the end, to the finish, to the fullness.” Then, before Jesus died, John wrote: John 19:28 (NRSV) — 28 After this, when Jesus knew that all was […]

Roc Homily – 3rd Sunday Advent Cycle A 2016 (An Introduction)

Jesus didn’t live up to the expectations of John the Baptist.  He didn’t call the religious leaders a “brood of vipers” and didn’t threaten their destruction, “even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree!”  Talk about hell, fire, and brimstone! Who is this guy?  Had he prepared the way for the […]

Why would I not wear black…

Why would I not wear black? The dogs of war are grinning Feast! Let us feast on the flesh of our enemies Why would I not cast down my eyes today? The gods of war are brimming with spite with toothful lust and bared fang Into the breach again! Let us o’er reach again tooth and claw […]

Ignatian Spirituality #4

“16 Reasons I am grateful for St. Ignatius” – Dennis Hamm, SJ Thank you, Ignatius, for being a “soul brother.” He referred to his mission as “helping souls,” not because he thought he was dealing with disembodied spirits, but because “soul” connoted the divine origin, dignity, and destiny of every human being he encountered. He was […]

Roc Homily – Seventeenth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

“This gospel is not about prayer in general…” The Lord’s Prayer seems to be “designed” for disciples who seek a path of purification and mission. Asking and seeking and knocking have to do with persistence in asking for the Holy Spirit whose purifying fire made the disciples ready for mission. That’s why we “dare to […]

Roc Homily – Fifteenth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

Is it possible that Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan could have contributed to the ire of scribes & Pharisees?  Could this parable have led to his death? I follow N.T. Wright’s study of the Pharisees that details how Jesus’ letting go of observance of purity codes could have done just that.  Let me know […]

Year of Mercy Revisited – June 17, 2016

Here’s something to do with your weekend… or whenever… Dr. John O’Keefe & Dr. Wendy Wright, two stalwarts from the Creighton University Theology Department, interviewed me about the Year of Mercy when I visited campus in April to give a talk on same.  It was a lively and engaged conversation for their Catholic Comments podcast.  20 Minutes.  I […]

About “Love Your Enemies” 6-14-16

The right response to Jesus’ teaching, “Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you,” is “You’ve got to be kidding!  Are you living in the real world, Jesus? Click.” It’s the right response because it reveals where we actually live.  It’s a biblical ink blot test!  Perhaps then we can hear this teaching from the […]

Roc Homily for the Eleventh Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

Yes, it is still the Year of Mercy.  And, today’s gospel contrasts two different ways of dealing with Mercy.  The first is Simon the Pharisee, who acts as an observer-critic, as one completely detached from Jesus. The other is Susanna (I gave her a name; every one needs a name) who trusted Jesus would receive her as she […]

Holy Thursday Homily – Mass of the Lord’s Supper

In chapter 9 of “In the Midst of Our Storms,” I proposed a focus for the foot washing other than service:  As we identify with Simon Peter’s resistance, we can discover a part of our lives heretofore neglected – our precious and terrible vulnerability.  And I proposed this again on Holy Thursday (3/24)… and with a slight […]


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