O’Connor Memorial Day #28

Today my family remembers our mother, Mary Elizabeth, who died on on this date in 1989 from pneumonia, bone cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.  She was weeks short of turning 63.  Looking back, she was the delightful, beautiful, and wounded woman who passed on to us the frailties and strengths of her side of the family. […]

You and me, bro…

The election & post-election drama brought this word back into my awareness.  Revanchism.  Revenge.  I think it fairly describes the western world and probably much of the eastern world.  Fear of losing.  Fear of losing turf.  Vengeful retaking of turf.  You and me, bro… Revanchism (from French: revanche, “revenge“) is the political manifestation of the will to reverse […]

Why would I not wear black…

Why would I not wear black? The dogs of war are grinning Feast! Let us feast on the flesh of our enemies Why would I not cast down my eyes today? The gods of war are brimming with spite with toothful lust and bared fang Into the breach again! Let us o’er reach again tooth and claw […]

Ignatian Spirituality #4

“16 Reasons I am grateful for St. Ignatius” – Dennis Hamm, SJ Thank you, Ignatius, for being a “soul brother.” He referred to his mission as “helping souls,” not because he thought he was dealing with disembodied spirits, but because “soul” connoted the divine origin, dignity, and destiny of every human being he encountered. He was […]

Roc Homily – 1st Sunday Lent 2016 (Cycle C)

Roc Homily – 2nd Sunday Lent 2016 (Cycle C) This first temptation is lodged against Jesus’ humanity, actually. The tempter says, “Make this stone be bread.”  This is the most basic human temptation – make X be Y. Or, treat a stone as if it were bread. Pretend this one thing, good in itself, can actually […]

“Remember, you are dust…” [2]

“Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return.” Fr. Edward Talbot Oakes, SJ died on the Feast of St. Nicholas 2013. It was practically six months to the day from the time he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was a member of the ordination class of 1979, a fine group that included […]

“Remember, you are dust…”

“Remember, Roc, you are dust and unto dust you shall return.” I believe I will be dealing with mortality this Lent.  Damn. “Remember, you are dust…” I haven’t ever liked this… word, this saying, back then. It’s not a prayer, not a blessing for sure. It could be a mandate or an instruction or even a […]

Gerry Stockhausen, SJ – Concluding Remarks & Commendation [5]

The Wake & Funeral of Fr. Gerard L. Stockhausen, SJ – January 16, 2016 [5]   Following the Prayer after Communion, I offered a few reflections… mainly that mortality sucks!!! Fr. Tim Kesicki, SJ, president of the Jesuit Conference and Gerry’s boss, concluded with the several final prayers.  The Jesuit concelebrants stood around Gerry’s remains and […]

Gerry Stockhausen, SJ – Homily at his Funeral Mass [4]

The Wake & Funeral of Fr. Gerard L. Stockhausen, SJ – January 16, 2016 [4] John Staudenmeier, SJ, friend & colleague of Gerry’s from University of Detroit-Mercy, remembered several stories about him that revealed something about his life. He preached on Matthew 13:44 – finding the treasure in the field & buying the whole field.  Be blest […]


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