Ignatian Spirituality #5

“16 Reasons I am grateful for St. Ignatius” – Dennis Hamm, SJ The final four… finally! Thank you, Ignatius, for showing that personal religious experience and institutionalized religion are not rivals or enemies but both parts of an integral life of faith. Ignatius would not let anyone get away with saying, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” […]

Roc Homily Part Deux – Twenty-Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

Jesus addressed, I believe, the mystery of the meaning of possessiveness in the Pharisees – and in our lives as well I asked the congregation to reflect upon the First Principle & Foundation from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  Please read, reflect, and notice points of attraction & aversion.  These will help you know how you are […]

Roc Homily – Twenty-Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

A wake up call to the Pharisees who were “lovers of money” Last week in Luke 16, we heard some of the following and missed some: Luke 16:13–15 — No slave can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the […]

Roc Homily Part Deux – Twenty-Fourth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

The Religious Significance of the Illusion of Righteous Anger: What does this have to do with 9/11? RE: the religious significance of the illusion of righteous anger? Often fear elicits anger Anger inflates one in order to avoid feeling vulnerable Anger allows one to focus outside/blame & not look inside Seems to me that we have […]

Roc Homily Part One – Twenty-Fourth Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

The Prodigal Family has impulse control issues The father of the family can’t help himself.  He gives what should not be given.  He runs wildly to meet the younger son.  He has the fatted calf prepared for a feast.  He pleads with the elder son. The younger son can’t help himself either.  He asks for […]

Roc Homily #2 – Twenty-Third Sunday Ordinary Time 2016

Punchline for Homily – 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time:  Surrender everything that you rely on for security so as to find security in following Christ. Here are two key words I dealt with in my homily:  “Hate” mother and father, etc. means to reject and separate, which leaves a person in a very vulnerable spot. To […]

Ignatian Spirituality #4

“16 Reasons I am grateful for St. Ignatius” – Dennis Hamm, SJ Thank you, Ignatius, for being a “soul brother.” He referred to his mission as “helping souls,” not because he thought he was dealing with disembodied spirits, but because “soul” connoted the divine origin, dignity, and destiny of every human being he encountered. He was […]

Ignatian Spirituality #3

“16 reasons I am grateful to St. Ignatius of Loyola” Part Three Back to the reflection by Dennis Hamm, SJ… Thank you, Ignatius, for teaching us some specific ways to pray—like imaginatively entering Gospel scenes and praying through your remembered day. Thank you, Ignatius, for your universal vision of the church. We are lucky Ignatius was a […]


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